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Truuk Lagoon - The Worlds Greatest Wreck Diving!

The 50 by 30 mile Chuuk Lagoon is among the largest lagoons in the world. Due to it’s geographical placement, its enormous size, and attractive conditions it was deemed a great spot for the Empire of Japan to house its main naval base during World War II. In 1944 the United States visited the area and sunk dozens of warships and other vessels as well as destroying hundreds of aircraft.

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The great battles and tragedy that was experienced in the lagoon in 1944 can now be witnessed by scuba divers in what is one of the greatest concentrations of shipwrecks on earth. There are almost 70 wrecks within the lagoon alone.

While the wrecks are usually the main draw there is also no shortage of marine life that can be found in the area. A wide variety of fish as well as schools of sharks and a good variation of corals can be found as well.

The many islands that make up this huge atoll are rich with natural beauty. The outer barrier reef is full of sand spits with coconut palms. The central lagoon features high islands which rise into the blue skies. The pace of life in Chuuk is very slow and allows time to revel in the natural beauty. Many of the islands small islands are very lush and home to beautiful migratory birds. Bird watchers gather and camp in the high hills to see the bird life.

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Mergui / Burma Banks Dive & Liesure Cruise

Join Aqua Visions amazing once in a lifetime dive safari to the incredible Mergui Archipelago, Black Rock and Burma Banks! The trip is aboard one of the worlds most beautiful and exclusive liveaboard boats, the SY Andaman ( See the gallery below) and includes up to 19 fantastic dives!

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South Thailand Sail & Dive Charter

Enjoy the next level of diving on a private charter catamaran, & explore Thailand's remote islands and dive sites!

Dive and sailJoin one of Aqua Vision's pre-planned private tours for a cruise around the best spots in the South Andaman Sea, or enjoy the freedom of planning your own agenda, either way it will be a totally unique and unforgettable experience, and what better way to avoid the crowds and discover Krabi's unique paradise islands!

Suggested Dive and Sail Itinerary | Phi Phi - Ko Ha - Hin Daeng..

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